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    Product fast track: Bomedent| Wismy|
    These are the challenges that we are looking to address. In line with our corporate purpose “Make it easier,” we are driving the development of better endodontics with high-quality through innovative solutions. Alongside our goal of achieving economic success, we also seek to make a responsible contribution to the Dental area within the scope of our entrepreneurial possibilities.
    We strive to meet our responsibility to the environment and society, and to continuously develop our businesses such that they assume leadership positions in their respective industries and segments to achieve long-term success for our company. Our efforts are sustained by our employees and our core competencies of innovation, customer focus, quality, process excellence and portfolio management.
    Bomedent's Core Strengths
    · Our innovations are driven by deep scientific expertise and know-how, developed across boundaries of organizations and supported by new digital technologies and business models
    Excellence in Research & Development
    With our innovative solutions, we are responding to the global challenges in medical care and the safeguarding of an adequate food supply. In this endeavor the success of our company is significantly based on excellence in Research and Development (R&D). The know-how and skills of our employees are our most valuable resource. We continuously invest in R&D projects focusing on innovative solutions that generate value for our customers and society.
    Customer Centricity
    · Ability to understand and successfully serve a wide range of customers and consumers
    · Focus on the value of long-term customer relationships
    Customer Centricity
    At Bayer, we recognize that, through our scope and global footprint, we have a broad range of customers and consumers with different needs.

    We are able to gear our activities to this range of customers and consumers, as well as relevant stakeholders. Our deep customer understanding allows us to bring innovation in products and services to patients, farmers and consumers alike, aspiring to consistently exceed their expectations.

    We believe in the value of long-term customer relationships and reflect that in the way we partner and support them. We place our customers at the center of everything we do.
    · Stringent, enterprise-wide quality management enabling us to consistently develop, process and handle our products to the highest standards
    Future Plan